Dan Breen

Developer - Science Enthusiast - Dilletante Gastronome

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I work as a web developer for OneStopTechnology.com. We create data-driven web apps to replace antiquated pen & paper systems. We pride ourselves on making extremely easy-to-use software that users love.

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  • Python + Django = Awesome!
  • Linux - Unbeatable for server side
  • MySQL; Dabbling with NoSQL
  • git - Never lose anything again


I love to learn, read, and code. Working as a web developer is great, but sometimes I want to write what I want and not what a customer needs. It's fun using technologies I might not otherwise get to use at work, like games.

What I've Done

Breen's Puzzles - An online puzzle site inspired by other online challenges such as The Python Challenge and Project Euler.

MazeRun - A maze game I wrote using CoffeeScript and Processing.js.

github.com/dbreen - My various and mostly unfinished public projects.

Stack Overflow - I try to give a helping hand here and there.

I Love Beer

I love drinking it and I love brewing it. Although, brewing is a lot of effort and lately I've left it to the professionals.